+++Hh..? Oh, hello. My name is Boggle. I raise calves in zone 1. My eyesight isn't too good. The cows are kind and don't let you walk into the plastic sea by accident.+++++++++
+++Ow...hh...My name is Bumble. I've been banned from using the stairs and .. um.. oh, I sweep sugar in zone 3. I've been called clumsy, yes, but I'm n-not really sure why.
+++((This is an ask/rp blog for two Elsen pals called Bumble and Boggle.))++++++++++
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The Elsen coughed as he held a couple pages that look as though they have been ripped out of books. 

"Hhh..I wish the Spectres or whoever was up there would stop ripping out the pages! Hhhh.."

He then looked up to see that there were visitors. 280 stared at them with cold eyes and fixed his tie up a bit. 

"Hhh..my apologies..umm…welcome to Zone 2…how may I assist you.."

Boggle shifted a book from one hand to the other before clearing his throat nervously. 

"Yes, uh, well… I had borrowed a book some time ago to inform myself better on matters related to my line of work. Er.. a book about cows. But.."

He opened the book to reveal a set of discolored torn pages. 

"Someone seems to have uh, misplaced these. They are about something called ‘magic tricks’ and I was won.. wondering if there were any other books with that sort of topic. It’s really quite interesting, I think."

The bunny tilted her head” o-oh?” She squeaked. ” t-that does sound s-strange. b-but…h-has he been acting any d-different p-personality w-wise? or is he j-just trying n-new things?”
Bumble looked down, tapping his chin in thought. “Well… he is still.. still Boggle. But now he is Boggle with an ab..abnormal number of cards in his sleeve. I’ve never seen such a thing!”
After seeing Toi, Boggle waves. He rolls up his sleeves and approaches Bumble, reaching over to pull a credit out from behind his ear. “Tadah…”
"h-h-h-h-hello c-cuties. a-are you d-d-doing well?"

"Ah.. hello Miss Toi. It is nice to.. to see you. To be honest, I’ve been a little bit hh.. concerned about Boggle."

Bumble looks back cautiously before whispering, “He’s been acting strangely. Just this p-past week he’s pulled cards out of his sleeve after saying ‘Abrakaham’ or.. or something like that.”


At the sudden poke, Marble batted at Bumble’s hand, using her other claw to push her goggles up off her eyes. These humans had no concept of personal space!

"Oi! Don’t go touching me like we’re friendly." She hmph’d at his question, "Ya’now, the island. Shadow creatures, Charlie, ‘umans trying not to starve to death." 

She looked down the tunnel at Spot, who was waiting below her. Until she moved, it couldn’t get past her, but with these creeps nearby…

The two elsen were at a loss for words. It wasn’t every day that creatures with strange accents popped out of the ground.

Boggle rubbed his chin in thought at Marble’s words. Charlie? He was certain that there was nobody around with that name- at least not during his shift.

“Charlie..? Charlie… Oh, of course!  I was unaware that.. that Charlie had uh.. acquaintances like yourself. They are quite sociable after all. Just a moment, I will return shortly so that you may converse with them.”

While Boggle was gone, Bumble produced a few cubes of sugar and placed them on the ground near Marble. “Here. Uh, so you and your ‘Uman’ coworkers do not starve. That would be quite unproductive and hh.. unpleasant.”

Moments later, Boggle returned with a cow. “I wasn’t sure which Charlie to bring, so I brought this one.”