+++Hh..? Oh, hello. My name is Boggle. I raise calves in zone 1. My eyesight isn't too good. The cows are kind and don't let you walk into the plastic sea by accident.+++++++++
+++Ow...hh...My name is Bumble. I've been banned from using the stairs and .. um.. oh, I sweep sugar in zone 3. I've been called clumsy, yes, but I'm n-not really sure why.
+++((This is an ask/rp blog for two Elsen pals called Bumble and Boggle.))++++++++++
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At the sudden poke, Marble batted at Bumble’s hand, using her other claw to push her goggles up off her eyes. These humans had no concept of personal space!

"Oi! Don’t go touching me like we’re friendly." She hmph’d at his question, "Ya’now, the island. Shadow creatures, Charlie, ‘umans trying not to starve to death." 

She looked down the tunnel at Spot, who was waiting below her. Until she moved, it couldn’t get past her, but with these creeps nearby…

The two elsen were at a loss for words. It wasn’t every day that creatures with strange accents popped out of the ground.

Boggle rubbed his chin in thought at Marble’s words. Charlie? He was certain that there was nobody around with that name- at least not during his shift.

“Charlie..? Charlie… Oh, of course!  I was unaware that.. that Charlie had uh.. acquaintances like yourself. They are quite sociable after all. Just a moment, I will return shortly so that you may converse with them.”

While Boggle was gone, Bumble produced a few cubes of sugar and placed them on the ground near Marble. “Here. Uh, so you and your ‘Uman’ coworkers do not starve. That would be quite unproductive and hh.. unpleasant.”

Moments later, Boggle returned with a cow. “I wasn’t sure which Charlie to bring, so I brought this one.”

+ Bumble-and-boggle



Lars finished up washing one of the cows, giving a final little brush on the top of its head. The cow seemed pretty content with its washing, breathing a big heavily on the tiny Elsen after he had climbed off the stool. Another sloppy lick left him dripping with sticky cow spit.

"Hhh…" The little Elsen wheezed, turning to see if anyone else was working today. Usually there were quite a few Elsen who worked with the cows, most took them to the slaughter unfortunately. "Hhh…" He thought about that for a moment, a gloved hand reaching up as high as it could to pet the cow’s side.

A mound of hay bearing legs seemed to wander towards Lars and the recently groomed cow, stopping occasionally near the fence with an outstretched handful of straw to offer the hungry bovine residents. It bumped into the wall a couple of times before emitting a small wheezy huff upon locating a wheelbarrow.  The mound of hay plopped into the wheelbarrow to reveal the elsen that had been piloting the hay.

Boggle rolled up his sleeves and gave the wheelbarrow a great push, resulting in a loud thump as it fell over, allowing the wheel to roll away. “….Who keeps taking the bolts?” he muttered.

He sighed and looked around, noticing the other elsen. “Excuse me, if… if it isn’t too much trouble, would you help me with this hay? The metal extraction department has issued an increase in feed rations in order to… to uh, heighten metal production.” 

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Would he ever! “Uh-huh!” he responded past the chewed-up remains of others’ offerings, and then grabbed the cupcake off the funny little man’s head, unable to wait for him to hand it over.

When his mouth was free again, he crammed roughly half the cupcake in at once.

And made the mistake of gasping in amazement at its taste while it still sat there.

Next thing he knew, he was choking, eyes bulging as he gasped uselessly for air.

There was a silence among the elsen as the realization of what was happening dawned upon them.

“He is choking.”

The crowd of elsen gasped in unison and began wheezing in a panic. Surely there was some sort of protocol for this? There had been one for everything after all! What was it called again? Something with h… hamlike… heimluke…

“Hhh…hhh… Heimlich!”

“Is anyone here named Hhh.. Heimlich?”

“That sounds like a Zone 2 name.”

“We don’t have time to hhhh.. hh.. go to Zone 2!”

“No! That guy left his instructions on the p-p-poster next to the f-food line.”

“It…it…it hh… says that the choking person has to stand up for the proper procedure.”

Bumble and another elsen attempted pulling Enoch out of the seat with little headway. “S-sir, you hhh… need to get out of the s-seat!”

"I got dared to give out kisses I hope you don't mind!" She bends down and gives each of them a smooch on the cheek

Bumble and Boggle place their hand on their respective kissed cheek. “Oh, thank you. I do not think we… hh.. we were injured such that a kiss was required for healing. Although, I do feel a bit better, I think.”

“No no, don’t you remember Boggle? That other elsen with the serious eyes told us that… that they were used on other occasions as well! Perhaps this… hh.. d-dare ritual is one such occasion?”